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Department of Futuristic Design + Innovation


• Artist’s name, e-mail, phone number and title of work must be written on back of entry.

• Artwork must be picked up at the specified date and time.

    * A $10/day storage fee will be charged then thereafter.

    * Artwork left over 30 days will be considered a donation to SIX.

• Only original artwork will be accepted.

• Artwork may not be removed until close of exhibition unless approved by Executive Director. 

• Artwork must have been completed within the past 5 years.

• Canvas Artwork must be bigger than 20 x 20

• Artwork must come framed. Custom and creative framing accepted. 

• A $15 installation fee must be paid by artist before or at the time of drop off.

ORIGINALITY : Only original works may be submitted to show. This means that the subject of the entry must be a concept entirely developed by the submitting artist and executed by his/her own hand. Duplications of another’s work of art, whether by machine or paint, is considered copyright infringement and will not be accepted. Entries found not to be original will be excluded from the show and any awards revoked with no return of entry fees.


PLEASE BE ADVISED : SIX reserves the right to make any changes in any of the above information and accepts no responsibility for undue inconvenience inadvertently caused by such changes or any error contained herein. Six can not be held liable for any damages and/or destruction of artwork during installation and showcase.



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